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With a population of around 27,000, the Wexford community is a great place to live, as supported by being voted the 28th Best Place To Live In the United States. Residents enjoy hiking, biking, and visiting nearby North Park Lake. But even in this most idyllic community, there are still many of the same challenges, like plumbing issues, that homeowners across the country face. However, what makes dealing with a plumbing problem much less stressful in Wexford are the expert plumbing services provided by G.I. Plumbing.

This family-owned full-service Wexford plumber is dedicated to providing exceptional plumbing services, reasonable prices, and unquestionable honesty and integrity. For years, this veteran-owned business has been diligently working to improve the community and its residents’ lives with quality plumbing and an active presence in the community. From offering emergency services when crews are available to recognizing the community’s distinguished veterans with Sarge’s Salute, G.I. Plumbing is a shining example of what makes Wexford one of the best communities in the country. So when you need affordable and reliable plumbing services, call (412)866-2719 to schedule an appointment with the best plumber in Wexford.

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Most homeowners will quickly agree that they never look forward to a plumbing issue or maintenance in their home. It can be challenging to choose the right team for the job, scheduling can be restrictive, and there is always a concern about the quality of the work. However, the next time you need a Wexford plumber, call (412)866-2719 and be prepared to be impressed by the level of care, service, and professionalism you receive from G.I. Plumbing. Our focus is on more than just exceptional plumbing service. We believe that every customer deserves more, including:
At G.I. Plumbing, honesty and integrity are not just words. They are the foundation of our business and continued success.

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