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Expert Water Softener Installation & Repair In Bethel Park, PA

Plumber installs water softenerIn the United States, hard water is much more common than you might expect. An astounding 85% of the country has water that meets the U. S. Geological Survey criteria for hard water, or water laden with minerals. And nearly all of Pennsylvania is considered to have moderately hard or hard water. So it is no surprise that many Bethel Park residents have water softeners that require some repair or service. The plumbing experts at G.I. Plumbing offer all the water softener repair services needed to ensure that the water in your home is pleasant to drink and free of minerals that will quickly corrode and destroy your home’s water lines and fixtures. Call (412)866-2719 to request an appointment or learn more about a water softener installation if your home is missing this essential device.

The Process Of Water Softening

First, it is vital to understand that hard water is not a considerable health risk. However, hard water does often have an undesirable taste. So many homeowners choose to eliminate the minerals to improve the taste of their water and its cleaning capabilities. To achieve soft water, it is necessary to have a water softener installation completed by a licensed professional like G.I. Plumbing. The water softener uses resin beads coated with positively charged sodium ions to replace the minerals in the hard water. The removed mineral ions remain on the resin until it is cleaned from the beads.

The Benefits Of Soft Water

The primary benefit of soft water is the added appeal to drink more water and reap the health benefits of proper hydration. However, there are many other benefits that include:

Signs That A Water Softener System Repair Is Needed

Once your water softener installation is complete, it is easy to all but forget about hard water. Your skin is no longer as dry and itchy, your hair is soft and bright, and there are no annoying spots in your dishes and glassware. However, it is essential to remember that all mechanical devices require service and care from time to time, including your Bethel Park home’s water softener. So it is critical to understand the indications that you need to call G.I. Plumbing at (412)866-2719 for a water softener system repair, including:

Common Water Softener System Repairs

While your Bethel Park home’s water softener provides an unmatched service to your home, it is not an incredibly complex machine. So when you discover an issue with the unit, a call to the G.I. Plumbing pros at (412)866-2719 is typically all you need to do to ensure that a water softener system repair will quickly restore your home’s soft water. Some of the most common and easily remedied issues our team discovers include:
The excellent news for residents of Bethel Park is that the G.I. Plumbing trucks carry a massive amount of water softener system repair parts. Over 90% of the time, our pros can complete your water softener repair on the first visit. So you will be enjoying soft water before our crew pulls out of your driveway.

Why Choose G.I. Plumbing For Your Water Softener Repairs

We understand how essential soft water is in your Bethel Park home as a locally owned family business. From providing softer clothes and linens to helping keep your skin and hair healthy, soft water is a must-have. So when you call (412)866-2719 to request a water softener system repair, we do all that we can to work within your busy schedule and set an appointment to restore the service of your water softener quickly. In addition, we provide honest, upfront pricing, a full warranty on all of our water softener repairs, and experts who will answer all your questions and guide you to the water softener system repair solution that best meets your needs and budget.