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Dependable Gas Line Repair & Replacement In Bethel Park

Gas line installationMany residents of Bethel Park have chosen to use natural gas to heat their homes, for cooking, and as a means to heat water because of its affordability and fast heat production. However, many of those same residents are not sure what to do or whom to contact when they are concerned about a gas leak. Fortunately, the certified experts at G.I. Plumbing are ready to step up and provide fast and affordable solutions for any gas line services, including gas line repair and professional gas line installation. Just call (412)866-2719 and know that a technician from G.I. Plumbing will promptly locate any gas leak or inspect your home’s gas lines to ensure that there are no leaks or other reasons for you to be concerned about your home’s gas service.

Understanding The Common Signs Of A Gas Leak

Most or all of the gas lines installed in your Bethel Park home are inside the walls, floors, or ceilings of the house. So it is very rare for you to be able to see the pipes or even the connections to your home’s gas-powered appliances. Therefore, it is vital that you learn the indications of a gas leak to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home from the hazards of a gas leak. Some of the most common signs of a gas leak include:
As soon as you discover any of these signs of a gas leak in your home, call G.I. Plumbing at (412)866-2719 for gas line repair service. In many cases, we can accommodate after-hours or emergency service, depending on the availability of our gas line repair experts.

Another Way To Identify A Gas Leak

A gas leak in an enclosed space can be life-threatening to anyone or any domestic pets that are in the space. As the gas leaks into the air, it displaces the oxygen that humans and animals need to survive. After prolonged exposure to gas-laden air, there could be many health-related symptoms that should alert you to gas exposure and a leaking gas line. Some of the most common symptoms include:
It is also important to note that your domestic pets can also display symptoms of exposure to a gas leak. You might come home and discover an odd odor in your home and then see any of the following symptoms from your pet that has been breathing the gas-filled air while you were away:
As soon as you notice any of these potentially life-threatening symptoms from anyone in your home or your pets, immediately evacuate the house. Leave doors and windows open to allow the gas to dissipate and reduce the potential of an explosion. Once you are a safe distance from the house, call 911 to report a gas leak. Then contact G.I. Plumbing at (412)866-2719 for an emergency gas line repair. Please never reenter a home with a gas line leak until a certified professional has located the problem and completed the gas line repair to ensure your safety.

Professional Gas Line Installation Service

When remodeling your kitchen, adding a new feature like a gas fire pit or BBQ, or installing a gas swimming pool heater, call (412)866-2719 for professional gas line installation from the certified professionals at G.I. Plumbing. This is the best way to ensure that the gas line is installed to all local building code and is backed by a full warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee. Unfortunately, even a slight mistake when trying to complete a DIY gas line installation could result in a life-altering catastrophe or long-term health issue related to exposure to natural gas.

As a family-owned and locally-operated full-service plumbing company, G.I. Plumbing wants to help you protect your loved ones and home with quality gas line installation service and gas line repairs at fair and affordable prices. We offer flexible scheduling, upfront pricing and arrive with a fully-stocked service vehicle that allows us to complete over 90% off all repairs and installations on our first visit to your Bethel Park home.