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Hydro jet spraying water at a high PSIFew household emergencies are worse than dirty water or raw sewage backing up into your Bethel Park home. In most cases, there are some subtle hints that there is a problem with your drain or sewer line, like a slow to clear drain or toilet that does not flush completely. But sadly, home homeowners are too busy or distracted to notice the early signs of a drain issue. So they are quite shocked and concerned when they see that dirty water is standing in a sink or tub, or the water level in the toilet bowl is rising as it fails to flush. Fortunately, help is only a call away at (412)866-2719. G.I. Plumbing offers expert hydro jet service to remove tough clogs and clean drain lines with nothing but a high-pressure jet of pure water.

How Does Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Work?

A hydro jet is a machine used to clean drains using only a very high-pressure jet of water. The larger versions create up to 35,000 psi to destroy the clogs blocking drain and sewer lines in any residential or commercial property. In addition to removing clogs, these devices also scrub away all of the sticky residue that builds up inside drain and sewer lines to create future clogs. Using a hydro jet machine is the only cleaning process that will remove all the residue without damaging any piping or filling your home with caustic chemical fumes.

Is Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Safe?

The first concern many homeowners express regarding hydro jet service is the immense force behind the water. To put it into perspective, an alligator has the most substantial bite of all animals at about 3,000 psi, so 35,000 psi sounds very hazardous. However, in the expertly trained hands of the G.I. Plumbing team, hydro jet drain cleaning is the safest way to remove clogs and clean drains. The water jet is even safer than using a traditional plumbing snake as it applies the force evenly throughout the pipe wall. In addition, the technicians at G.I. Plumbing always complete a camera inspection of the drains before hydro jet service to ensure that there is no damage to the pipes and that they are able to handle the power of the water jet. In addition, the hydro jet drain cleaning process uses no harsh chemicals that can damage drain pipes and fill your home with caustic fumes. So think of hydro jetting as the drain cleaning that is safe for you and your drain lines.

The Benefits Of Regular Professional Hydro Jet Service

The drain and sewer lines in your home handle some nasty material. So it only makes sense to provide regular cleaning to prevent clogs and foul odors. The team at G.I. Plumbing recommends a hydro jet cleaning once each year to ensure that you never face another overflowing toilet or backed-up drain again. Some of the most impressive benefits of annual hydro jet service include:

Regular hydro jet drain cleaning is a wise investment in your home’s drain lines and your time. It assures you that there are no clogs that will cause a toilet, sink, or tub to overflow at the worst possible time and derail your daily routine.

Call G.I. Plumbing at (412)866-2719 to schedule your hydro jet service and know that your days of worrying about sewer and drain backups and floods are behind you.