5 Tips to Avoid a Costly Winter Plumbing Leak in Your Home

Male Worker Inspecting Water Valve For Leaks In Basement

Temperatures can drop below freezing in some parts of the country during winter. Below-freezing temperatures can negatively affect your pipes. Your home’s outside plumbing has a higher risk of cracking or freezing, which causes leaks. There are several things you can do to avoid these costly repairs. 1. Drain Your Water Heater Your water heater […]

Winter Maintenance List for Your Plumbing

Close-up Of Male Plumber Fixing White Sink Pipe With Adjustable Wrench

The winters in Bethel Park can be hard, so it’s important that you prepare your plumbing. No one wants to wake up to a morning where the pipes or a water-dependent appliance has frozen. It’s even worse to find that the pipes or appliances have been damaged and need costly emergency repair work. Here are […]