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Automatic water heater in the bathroom

How to Choose the Right Water Heater for Your Home

The water heater is one of the most essential appliances in a healthy home. It heats water for bathing, washing dishes, cooking, and even drinking. However, choosing the best water heater for your home can be difficult. Many types of water heaters are available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right water heater for your home requires in-depth research. Here are some factors to consider:

Energy Efficiency

The most crucial factor in choosing a water heater is energy efficiency. Energy-efficient water heaters can save you money. This is worth considering, especially if you have a large family or frequent guests. The most efficient water heaters use less energy than traditional water heaters. As such, you can save hundreds of dollars annually in energy costs.


No matter how efficiently a water heater works, it’s only useful with proper installation. Before you purchase a water heater, consider how easy it is to install. If the water heater is not installed correctly, it will be less efficient and ineffective. This wastes energy and money.


Once you have chosen the right water heater for your home, consider how easy it is to maintain. Water heaters need to be regularly cleaned and maintained. Failure to maintain a water heater will make it less effective and inefficient and can put its users at risk. Regular maintenance prevents your water heater from overworking, leading to high energy bills and potential damage.


Water heaters can cause burns, carbon monoxide poisoning and other health problems. As such, you should consider how safe your water heater is before making your final decision. Water heaters that fail to meet safety standards can emit dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide, leading to health implications.


Water heaters range in price from several hundred to several thousand dollars. As such, the cost of a water heater is another critical factor to consider when choosing the right water heater for your home. If the water heater is prohibitively expensive, it will cost you a lot of money to install and maintain.

Heating Capacity

The heating capacity refers to how much hot water each unit can provide. This number is often based on daily estimates of how much hot water your household needs. If you have a large family and use a lot of hot water, you will want a water heater with a relatively high heating capacity.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a water heater is its warranty. A good water heater will come with an extended warranty period to cover any potential problems. This will help keep your household safe and prevent you from having to pay for expensive repairs or replacements. A water heater with a warranty can save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

To sum everything up, water heaters come in many different sizes and price ranges, and their features vary. So, deciding on the right water heater for your home will involve careful thought and consideration. If you live in Bethel Park, PA, and need tankless water heater installation or repairs, contact us at G. I. Plumbing.