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Make Your New Year Brighter With Hydro Jetting and Clean Pipes

As a homeowner, you will have the dubious honor of being confronted with clogged pipes, slow drains, and other garden-variety plumbing issues. Modern plumbing techniques and home improvement stores have come up with many ways to resolve these plumbing problems.

However, none work as well as professional hydro jetting. This chemical-free method of cleaning out your plumbing can help start your new year with a bang and keep your plumbing costs low throughout the year. The following benefits show how hydro jetting is the best and easiest way to keep your pipes running smoothly.

A Versatile Plumbing Treatment

Versatility is perhaps the best reason to start the New Year by treating your plumbing to a hydro jet service. Regardless of the reason your pipes have a clog or other issues, hydro jetting can typically remove the problem. Your pipes could suffer from a significant clog of food and grease after Thanksgiving, hair buildup from the shower, or thirsty tree roots that have found their way into cracks in older pipes.

The hydro-jet equipment uses a flexible hose to bend around corners and curves. The service can remedy many clogs, no matter what caused them or how deeply they reside within the network of pipes.

Safe for All Pipes

Hydro jetting is a safe, earth-friendly solution because it involves no chemicals, and only uses pure, clean water. An experienced plumber can perform the service on virtually any type of plumbing, including steel, iron, clay, or resin-based pipes. It can also be used to clean out cement sewer lines.

Before a plumber cleans your pipes with hydro jet equipment, they use a small video camera to investigate and diagnose the problem. In addition to helping identify clogs and other issues, the plumber can detect whether a pipe is cracked, if a joint has become compromised, or if age and other factors have affected the pipes to the point that high-pressure cleaning could cause damage.

Prevents Future Pipe Clogs

Once you have had your home’s pipes hydro-jetted, the chances of having another plumbing clog are scarce. Through regular daily use, soap, mud, food, grease, sand, and other substances accumulate to build up a coating inside the pipes. This issue is especially prevalent in older homes. Over time, the buildup causes pipes to narrow like clogged arteries. All it takes is one last round of grease and food scraps from a holiday dinner to clog the pipe entirely.

A hydro jetting service blasts away the gook inside of the pipes. After a thorough hydro jet cleaning, it might be like your home has brand-new pipes and removes the chances of a clog happening any time in the near future.

Give Your Pipes a Spa Treatment!

Schedule your appointment for a hydro jetting service to clean out all the old gunk and start this year with fresh, clean pipes. When you schedule the service, your home’s pipes will receive the best care and highest quality service from professionally trained, licensed plumbers.

To out more about hydro jetting service for your Bethel Park, PA home, call the professionals at G. I. Plumbing today!