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Signs You Need A New Water Heater This Fall

Your water heater regulates everything from your bath to cooking to cleaning, but you don’t think about it unless something goes wrong. Your washing machine and dishwasher also rely on water temperature, which is why your water heater is the appliance that wears out most often. There are warning signs to replace your water heater so you don’t have an expected emergency.

1. Water Pooling Around Your Water Heater

Regular maintenance can help the steel tank behind your water heater last longer, but it will eventually erode. The tank is insulated, but water can leak and leave a puddle. When water pools around your water heater base, you’ll need to replace it before you end up with water damage.

2. Need of Frequent Water Heater Repairs

Whether your water heater reaches mid-life or late-life, constant repairs aren’t a good sign. The lack of maintenance can allow premature wear on your water heater, but it can come down to household use. It’s usually cheaper in the long run to replace a water heater rather than frequently getting repairs.

3. Your Water Heater is Getting Old

The average lifespan of your water heater is about a decade. Keep a replacement in mind, but you may get extra years out of it with annual maintenance. If you don’t know the age of your water heater, scan the serial number on the manufacturer’s website.

4. You See Rusty Water Out of the Tap

Rusty water from the tap may mean your water heater is failing, and water and metal will create corrosion. The anode rod is the last defense before the rusty water begins rusting your tank. Our plumbers can replace the zinc anode rod, but you should replace the water heater if it’s an older model.

5. Inconsistent Water Temperatures in Your Home

It’s common for water to fluctuate if someone flushes the toilet, but going from cold to boiling and back again quickly can mean an issue. The problem is a cold water sandwich and usually appears when a system has trouble keeping temperatures hot. Aging water heaters may struggle to keep consistency and may need a replacement.

6. Sudden Rising Monthly Energy Costs

Your water heater uses more energy to regulate the temperatures in your home as it ages. A way to tell if your water heater needs a replacement is a suddenly high energy bill. Sometimes, a repair can fix an issue with excess energy burning, but a replacement is usually cheaper.

7. Water With a Metallic Smell and Taste

If your tap water has a metallic smell and taste, your metal water tank is probably corroding. Corrosion usually appears in older water heaters but may happen with younger ones. Certain chemicals or sediments in the tap water can wear away your water heater early.

There are many signs of an aging or failing water heater to look for around this time of the year. A fall water heater inspection helps make sure everything is running smoothly before the holidays. If you need a new water heater in Bethel Park, PA, call us at G. I. Plumbing for an appointment today.