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Hydro Jetting sewer cleaning method , nozzle tip on jet/vac hose.

How Can Professional Hydro Jetting Benefit Your Home?

Many problems with your home’s drainage and sewer system occur due to a gunk buildup inside its pipes. Having the plumbing undergo a specialized pressure wash can keep your home free of plumbing problems for a long time.

Clean pipes will help all your appliances and plumbing fixtures work better, and hydro jetting helps with preventative plumbing maintenance to avoid clogs, sediment buildup, and more over time. The high-pressure washer can also do its job without tearing up your home or yard. Following are other great reasons to consider hydro jetting.

Prevent Future Plumbing Disasters

Hydro jetting does a very thorough job of removing all the built-up grime, dirt, sediment, grease, and other undesirables that coat the inside of your pipes. Over time, some pipes become more and more narrow due to buildup, which creates bottlenecks, multiple clogs, and other issues.

The hydro-jet process is performed with a high-pressure water spray and a flexible hose. There is no risk of contaminating your home’s soil, local groundwater, or nearby water bodies like the Monongahela River. Keeping your pipes clean with hydro jetting can also help the environment because you avoid the risk of polluted pipe water or sewer leaks due to pipes that fail.

Clean Pipes Safely, With No Chemicals

Even though hydro jetting uses water under high pressure, it is safe for your Bethel Park home’s pipes. Whether you have steel, cast iron, copper, cement, resin-based, or other pipeline types, hydro jetting works exceptionally well for all these applications. It uses only water, with no caustic chemicals or other cleaning agents.

In some cases, especially with older homes, pipes can be difficult to access without digging up the yard or opening up walls. However, a professional plumber feeds the flexible hose through pipes around all kinds of curves and corners with hydro jetting. This method helps maintain the pipes’ integrity while cleaning them.

Reduce Your Plumbing Bills

Cleaning your home’s pipes with a hydro jetting process is an economical way to maintain them. It costs much less than fixing some of the alternative problems that can come from poorly maintained pipes. You can save money on the cost of various other service calls that you won’t have to make.

The high-pressure water blasts mud, soap, sediment, and even tree roots to prevent clogs, burst pipes, wastewater backup, and other expensive plumbing situations. You will also avoid the cost of having your home’s drywall patched and painted and replacing broken pipes, warped floors, or wet carpets from backed-up, leaking fixtures.

Let Hydro Jetting Rescue Your Home’s Pipes

G.I. Plumbing’s professionals provide expert hydro jetting and other plumbing services to customers in Bethel Park, PA and the surrounding cities. Our veteran-owned business takes pride in serving the community with honesty and integrity. Contact G.I. Plumbers to request a professional power wash with our hydro jetting system. Our certified plumbing technicians will provide excellent, friendly service, satisfaction guaranteed. Give G.I. Plumbing a call today for the health of your home’s pipes!