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8 Interesting Facts About Plumbing

It’s easy to overlook the importance of plumbing. In fact, you’ll hardly ever notice its importance until something stops working or isn’t functioning correctly. Plumbing makes performing daily tasks convenient, but without it, there’s no telling how difficult the daily tasks of taking showers, using the restroom, and cleaning your house and clothes would be. To better appreciate your plumbing, here are a few fun facts you probably didn’t know about it.

1. Plumbing Goes Way Back

There is evidence of plumbing in Mesopotamian regions (modern-day Iraq) dating back to at least 4000 BCE. The discovered clay piping system seems to have been used to collect rainfall in wells and to dispose of wastewater.

2. Invention of Some Common Nicknames

The first version of the modern-day toilet was created by John Harrington in 1956, hence its nickname, “the John.” The toilet is also called “the crapper” in honor of Thomas Crapper, who is credited with popularizing the invention.

3. The Mario Brothers Aren’t Actually Plumbers

Mario and Luigi of the popular video game “Super Mario Bros.” were first thought to be plumbers. It was an assumption by players since they are styled like Italian plumbers and spend a good amount of time in New York’s sewers attempting to rescue the princess. The game’s creators later refuted this claim and stated that the two characters are actually carpenters.

4. Origin of the Title “Plumber”

The Romans built the largest and most sophisticated water distribution network in antiquity using lead pipes. The name “plumber” originated around this time; it comes from the Latin word “plumbum,” which means “lead” (as in lead pipes). A plumber is now universally understood to be someone who works with pipes. Several fountains and water features in modern Rome still get their water supply from a repurposed Roman aqueduct.

5. French for “Bathroom” Literally Translates to “Stinky House”

There are numerous distinct names for the “bathroom” in many civilizations. The French term “la chambre sent” is the most intriguing. It literally means “stinky home” in English.

6. Manhole Covers Are Deliberately Made Round

The deliberate decision to make manhole covers circular ensures that they will not fall down the drain when turned sideways. Getting the cover back would require a trip into the sewers, and no one wants to do that.

7. The Single-Lever Faucet Was Invented by Al Moen

The invention of the single-handle faucet, which allows for simultaneous hot and cold water adjustment, was a game-changer, and we have Al Moen to thank for that. While he made the invention in 1939, his brand remained relevant for decades. To this day, Moen is still one of the most recognizable kitchen and bathroom faucet brands.

8. Albert Einstein Wanted to Become a Plumber

In a letter he wrote to a magazine, Sir Albert Einstein stated that if he had the chance to start all over, he’d focus on being a plumber. At the time, teachers and scientists were facing immense pressure from the government, so it was no wonder he craved the independence of being a plumber.

Plumbing is a noble profession and among the most important parts of a building. We take great pride in excelling in your favorite scientist’s preferred profession and serving the great people. If you’re within Bethel Park, PA, and you need repiping service, please contact G. I. Plumbing. You won’t regret it!