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Helpful Tips to Care for Your Home’s Natural Gas System

Your modern home utilizes natural gas lines to safely power appliances like your furnace, fireplace, outdoor barbecue, and oven. To limit the risk of leaks, you should prioritize routine professional maintenance as well as effective in-home safety measures. Proactively preventing leaks and other gas line issues will protect you from potential exposure to health hazards and home fires.

Maintain Your Gas-Based Appliances

Appliances fueled by natural gas need regular expert attention over the years to stop hazards and malfunctions from developing. A tune-up can lengthen the lifespan of these systems and boost the safety of your home. An average maintenance appointment includes cleaning your appliances and gas lines and checking for new signs of corrosion or damage.

An experienced plumber can also make handy adjustments or replacements when necessary to prevent significant damage later on. Vital systems like your water heater, boiler, and heating system should be examined at least annually to keep them in good condition.

Monitor Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A carbon monoxide detector is key to letting you know when there’s a gas-related issue starting in your home. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that results from an incomplete combustion process. These detectors will trigger when they read higher levels of carbon monoxide in the air, letting you know something’s going wrong with one of your systems. You should install at least one carbon monoxide detector on every floor as well as additional devices near your major gas appliances.

Remove Nearby Combustible Materials

Placing combustible items too close to your furnace or stove can pose a serious fire hazard. This risk significantly increases during a gas leak or ignition problem. It’s best to keep a clear area of at least three feet around all your gas-based appliances. Avoid storing items like paper products, aerosols, cleaners, or boxes too close. Don’t forget to be equally mindful of the placement of your outdoor systems like your heaters or barbecue grills.

Never Attempt DIY Gas Line Fixes

It’s never recommended to do your own gas line or appliance service. Without the right experience, you could unintentionally leave a fitting loose or connect the system incorrectly. Small errors may allow gas to leak and accumulate within your living space. Even if you don’t initially notice any errors, your new lines will have a higher chance of failing prematurely. Only skilled plumbers have the certifications to guarantee your new gas appliances and lines follow local building and safety codes.

Start Protecting Your Gas System

Investing in your gas system’s care will save you from grappling with home emergencies in the future. You’ll also experience fewer service needs and greater appliance efficiency. Reach out to G. I. Plumbing for gas line repairs and replacements in Bethel Park, PA today.