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Checking sewer manhole with borescope inspection camera.

5 Ways Camera Inspections Can Help You Save Money

There are many reasons you may need a plumber to identify a problem with your pipes. Whether you have rusted pipes, a break in your lines, an obstruction, or even a simple clog, our cameras can help identify the problem. Here are five ways camera inspections can help pinpoint your plumbing issue and save you money.

1. Plumbers Don’t Have to Disturb Your Lawn

Before camera inspection technology became widespread, plumbers would have to dig up your lawn to find out what was wrong with the interior of your pipes. This came at a huge cost to the homeowner. Fortunately, plumbers can now use cameras to inspect your pipes without ever having to disturb your garden. They can pinpoint where the problems are. In fact, with the camera footage, you can see detailed close-ups of the pipes’ interiors. This means you’ll see if there’s a root penetrating your pipes, if there is a specific clog, or if your pipes are rusted.

2. Identify Problems With the Sewer Line Beneath Your House

The sewer line runs beneath the foundation of your home. If there’s a problem, it can be very challenging (and expensive) for a plumber to get underneath the concrete. Fortunately, we can run our camera beneath your home’s foundation and through your sewer line. We use a small camera that connects to a flexible cable. If there’s a break in your pipes, we can see exactly where the break is.

3. Identifying the Problem Takes Minutes, Not Hours

Before cameras, it could take hours for plumbers to figure out where the blockage was in your pipes and what was causing it. This can be costly since you’re paying a plumber by the hour. However, with the new camera technology, our plumbers can identify the plumbing issue within minutes. That means the crux of your bill will be for any repairs or replacement.

4. Help With Your Remodeling Project

If you plan on remodeling your kitchen or bathroom or even adding an extra bathroom, it’s a good idea to get a video camera drain inspection to ensure your sewer line can handle the additional wastewater. It’s better to make these preparations beforehand rather than pay for your miscalculation later.

5. Catch Corrosion Before a Pipe Breaks

Once your pipe breaks, it can cause a lot of damage to your home. With our camera inspections, we can let you know if there are cracks, rust, or corroded sections in your pipes. This will give you ample time to schedule any repiping services before they unexpectedly burst.

The winters in Bethel Park, PA get exceedingly cold, and pipes can easily freeze and burst any time temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. With our camera inspection technology, we can assure you that your pipes will be ready to handle cold temperatures.

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