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Winter Maintenance List for Your Plumbing

The winters in Bethel Park can be hard, so it’s important that you prepare your plumbing. No one wants to wake up to a morning where the pipes or a water-dependent appliance has frozen. It’s even worse to find that the pipes or appliances have been damaged and need costly emergency repair work. Here are some things to do to make sure your plumbing stays in good shape all winter.

Insulate Your Pipes

You or one of our plumbers should find the exposed plumbing pipes around your home and wrap them in fiberglass or polyurethane insulation. This is especially useful if they’re in an unheated area, such as your basement.

Disconnect Garden Hoses and Irrigation Systems

The cold winters in Bethel Park can damage your outdoor water systems. These not only include your hose bibs and garden hoses but your sprinklers and even water features such as bubblers and fountains. Turn them all off, and disconnect them.

Inspect Water Heater

Have your water heater inspected before the really cold weather sets in. A water heater inspection involves checking the anode rod that keeps limescale from shortening the life of the heater, checking the temperature-pressure-release valve, and checking for corrosion, damage, and weird sounds and/or smells.

Check Water Pressure

Strong water pressure not only keeps showers and washing dishes from being frustrating but is an indication of the health of your plumbing pipes. Low water pressure can be a sign of a clog or a leak.

Examine Fixtures

Make sure all of your sink and tub faucets, your showerhead, and your other fixtures are free of leaks. Though running water isn’t supposed to freeze, the drips of a leak, like those in your freezer, can freeze. This can lead to your pipes freezing and a possible emergency call to a plumber.

Clean Out Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts can be clogged by everything from fallen leaves to animal nests. Water can freeze in them, and the weight of the ice can bring them down. When the ice thaws and is blocked, water seeps behind the exterior wall to damage your roof shingles and to set up conditions for rot and mold.

Call Us for Winter Plumbing Maintenance

Founded by veterans, our plumbing service has been proudly serving the community of Bethel Park since 2015. Our plumbers are second to none when it comes to customer service, and we are pleased to have received an A+ rating and a Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau. Besides helping you prepare your plumbing for the winter, we also provide drain cleaning services such as hydrojetting and clog removal. We also service water heaters, sump pumps, and sewer lines. Give G.I. Plumbing a call today.